ePack Enables High Performance

ePack’s Environment-Resistant Package (ERP) is a System-in-Package (SIP) technology which allows sensor and timing reference manufacturers to dramatically reduce measurement error. ePack’s packaging solutions also enable reduced size and cost of the product and final system.

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The Environment Resistant Package (ERP)

ePack’s ERP is enabled by a micromachined isolation substrate built directly into the package. It is compatible with almost any package type or material.


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Stress Isolation

Improves measurement accuracy and shrinks system size and cost.

Low-Power Oven

Eliminates temperature sensitivity by integrating a low-power (LP) oven directly in the package.

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Vibration Filtering

Filters vibrations which can ruin device performance, and eliminates cross-talk.

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Vacuum Package

Provides the ultra-low vacuum or inert gas environment needed for high device performance.

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