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Low Power Oven Package

Almost all sensors and timing references have significant unwanted temperature sensitivities. For an inertial (motion) sensor, small temperature changes can falsely appear as large motion changes. For a timing reference, small temperature changes can result in large frequency shifts, causing severe performance degradation in the systems for which they serve as master clocks.

Epack’s low-power oven (eOven™)stabilization package incorporates a built-in heater in close proximity to the device being packaged. Excellent thermal isolation allows precise temperature control with very low power consumption and without inadvertently heating nearby devices. As illustrated in the table on the left, typical device ovens consume approximately 1 W of power to raise the temperature by +70°C (for example to heat a device from 25°C room temperature to a 95 °C set point). In contrast, with the Epack eOven™, only 24 mW is required to heat a small device by the same amount, or 48 mW for a larger device. The oven set point and amount of power needed for heating will be determined by your application. See these links for examples: inertial sensors & timing references.